Whacky Shots individual Foil Pack

Product Description
The world is at war! New alliances bring disorder and creepy mutations. Pick your team and battle for power. Four teams include Earth Heroes, Mutant Beasts, Invading Aliens and Rogue Robots. 
Pick your team, stretch and launch your Whacky Shot to battle for power! All new action toy includes cards to trade or play. Cards show power, speed and skill statistics. 
Choose your strongest Whacky Shot. Use your knowledge and memory to challenge your opponent, then use the launcher to aim your Whacky Shot at their card. Check the Power Wheel to see if the element of your Whacky Shot beats the element of their card. Fire beats nature - nature beats electricity - electricity beats water - water beats fire. 
Find rare glow-in-the-dark Whacky Shots for extra atomic power and improve your team. Team Atomic beats them all! 
There are 60 Whacky Shots in Series 1 - collect them all! 
Foil Pack includes one Whacky Shot, one card with base and a collector booklet. One in five will contain a rare glow-in-the-dark Whacky Shot. Only for use with the Power Launcher available in Starter, Battle or Power Packs. 
Vendor : Yulu
£3.75 GBP

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