Firefly Glow Flint Marker

Product Description

Firefly Flint-Glow Markers incorporate a ferrocerium (flint) rod which, when struck with a steel blade, produces an intense shower of sparks for quick and reliable fire-lighting.

 A self-luminous GTLS tritium light source is also incorporated, enabling dual use of the FlintGlow Marker for quick identification or location of assets in low-light and in the dark without resorting to electric or chemical lights. Simple, reliable and effective, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced during darkness7.50 Enclosure: V0 polycarbonate

  • Integral highly effective ferrocerium flint rod
  • Generates an intense shower of sparks
  • Integral trigalight® GTLS, nine colour options
  • Continuously illuminated for more than 10 years
  • No batteries, bulbs or switches
  • No charging by ambient light required
  • Split-ring included for secure attachment
  • No heat signature
  • Reliable in all climatic conditions
  • Cost-effective …no spares or maintenance

Split-Ring: Stainless Steel

Length: 44.0mm

Width: 14.0mm

Height: 10.5mm

Split-Ring Diameter: 22.5mm

Weight: 22.5mm

Vendor : Firefly
Any 2
£12.99 GBP

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