125 Piece Glow Party Pack

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Our glow party pack has everything you need to make the most of the tube of 100 glow sticks.

Connectors included are... 5 pairs of glow glasses,5 glow glow flower head bands, 5 glow bunny ears, 5 triple bracelet, 2 glow flower, 3 pairs of glow ball, .

The glow ball connectors can be used to make an additional 6 flowers and the flower connectors can be used to make another ball if you wish.

Formulation: Premium Grade
Colours: White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple
Duration: 8 Hours +
Shelf life: Minimum 2 years
Qty: Tubes of 100

Qty: Tubes of 100
Vendor : GITD UK LTD
£10.75 GBP

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