StikBot Mega Dino T-Rex

Product Description

Unique and easy-to-pose StikBot Dinos with suction cup feet

Extra moving parts for easy animation and enhanced play value

Perfect for pretend play - collect them all!

Multi-award-winning stop frame animation toy

Download FREE StikBot mobile app for iPhone or Android and start making movies

Share your creations using #StikBot You create. You animate. You SHARE. Subscribe to StikBot Central on YouTube

Their unique design, with suction-cup hands and feet, allows for easy positioning on any flat surface. Legs, body, mouth, tail and neck can be positioned at many different angles. This makes StikBot perfect for making stop-frame animation movies using the FREE to download mobile Animation App. Easy-to-use app helps you create a professional movie, with built-in music and sound effects. Available for iPhone or Android. Subscribe to StikBot Central on YouTube for updated daily content including fan-made movies and zany StikBot shows.

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