Nite 10 Year Glow Ring

Product Description

Nite safety glow rings provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective source of continuous light over a service life of many years. Irrespective of weather conditions, temperature, altitude and humidity, Trigalights will operate normally, providing versatile visual aids to help the user locate equipment, paths and positions in the dark.  Nine colour options enable markers to be assigned differing functions.

  • Uniquely reliable Trigalight® light source
  • Flexibility … no battery, power supply or charging needed
  • Enhanced efficiency … Trigalight luminance does not affect the user’s ‘night eyes’
  • Continuously illuminated for more than 10 years
  • No batteries, bulbs or switches
  • No charging by ambient light
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Dimensions: 48 x 10mm

    Weight: 6g

Trigalights generate radio luminescent light, therefore no charging or switching is required. Unlike photo luminescent and chemiluminescent devices, they will continue to glow for many years, even during prolonged periods of complete darkness. No electrical power supply is needed, so there is no need to check and replace batteries. Nor is any maintenance required. 

Vendor : Nite
Uv Blue
Ice Blue
Tinted Green
Tinted Pink
Tinted Blue
Flint Maker Green
£10.99 GBP

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